Fresh Pepper

Fresh Pepper we offer is unique!  (patent pending)

Fresh Pepper we offer is cultivated in Vietnam.

Especially, it is cultivated in Vinh phuc province which is largest production area of pepper in Vietnam.

Our Fresh Pepper is harvested in Vinh phuc province by the farmer who is aiming at organic farming.

We are trying to prevent disease and insect by Japanese organic fertilizer and organic medicine.


The Pan family is cultivating it as a trial.


Working on organic farming takes time and effort.


Making soil and figuring out not to kill insects, but to keep away insects.

It’s the healthcare of soil environment to prevent disease via soil.


The Pan family puts a lot of time and effort and is making effort to cultivate delicious Fresh Pepper.

コショウの収穫時期は 12月~1月 収穫後は真空パックにして、保存しています。

爽SoFreshPepperは弊社商標登録のもの 製造方法については特許出願中

Fresh Pepper go well with meat dishes, fish dishes and egg dishes!

The balmy spiciness of Fresh Pepper explodes in your mouth by biting a grain of pepper on some dish

If it is difficult it for you, you can enjoy the Freshness of Fresh Pepper as ground pepper to sprinkle on some dish by crushing it.

you can also enjoy the just a little bit different taste by mix Fresh Pepper with sauces: mayonnaise, dressing tartar sauce and so on.